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  • Quality control and quality assurance are essential elements of Tech Universal policy, involving all organisational units. They are embodied in all fields of our activities.
  • Our goal is to offer to our customers, products and services of outstanding quality and highest value. We want our customers to be satisfied and to have lasting trust in our products and services, which include planning, engineering, design, manufacturing, delivery, installation service, spare parts and training. Our customer/consultant judgement is the ultimate measure of our quality.
  • Company management assigns the highest priority to the continuous improvement of work processes in every functional area, in the quest for quality leadership. Achievement of this goal is assured through co-operation within the company and dedication to total quality management.
  • The Quality Assurance Committee and QA/QC Committee provide development, co-ordination and advisory functions for company-wide Quality Assurance based on the written quality control procedure which is regularly amended and modified to meet the highest standards.
  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of his work. The efforts of every employee are directed towards active contribution to the quality of our products and services, throughout the value-adding system. Consideration of customer benefits has highest priority.
  • The assurance attainment of agreed-upon quality goals for functions and processes, and the encouragement of quality awareness through information and training of employees, are important tasks at all leadership levels.
  • Co-operation between customer, manufacturer and supplier in quality-related technologies and processes is becoming ever closer. When contracting with external suppliers and services, the concerned groups are responsible for surveillance of agreed-upon measures to assure quality.
  • The provisions of Tech Universal Quality Policy apply to all elements of the Sales, Engineering, Contracting and Service Centre.

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