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Tech Universal can design, supply, install and commission different types of sewage/waste treatment plants treating different types of waste water sources to produce water suitable for agriculture, irrigation and industrial processes.


Some of the processes being used by the company for such treatment are listed below:

  • Extended Aeration Activated Sludge
  • Contact Stabilisation
  • Carousel Treatment Systems
  • Diffused Air Flotation Systems
  • Water Stabilisation Lagoons
  • Rotating Biological Contactors
  • Sequential Batch Reactor (S.B.R.)
  • Tertiary Treatments and Water Reuse
  • Odour Control Systems
  • Waste Treatment using Thermal Energy
  • Biological Aerated Filters
  • Membrane Biological Reactor (M.B.R.)


Tech Universal plants are being used in municipal and industrial applications. This comprehensive range of waste treatment experiences and activities that offered by Tech Universal ensures always to meet client’s requirements.


We also advise them on the most economical reliable system that would be most suitable for the purpose from capital and operational cost where the decisive factors would be the design parameters such as raw water analysis, product quality required, availability of land/space, power, etc…


Tech Universal offers the following:

  • Compact and packaged sewage treatment plants (shop assembled) up to 100 m3/day.
  • Field erected packaged wastewater treatment plants up to 5,000 m3/day.
  • Custom designed and large-scale wastewater treatment plants up to 200,000 m3/day.


A list of different systems that were designed, supplied, erected and commissioned by our engineers are shown in the projects section.


Cost Effectivness

Besides the standard packaged plants supplied by Tech Universal (please see tables below), Tech Universal Technical Support Services provides a complete treatment system design tailored to the specific project requirements. Influent compositions for example vary with each treatment situation thus requiring a system designed to those concentrations. Each system/plant is individually designed, manufactured and shipped to the project site ready for installation.


All Tech Universal packaged plants are designed for the following parameters:

  • Influent BOD= 250 mg/lit
  • Influent SS = 250 mg/lit

And includes the following equipments:

  1. Lift station (optional)
  2. Bar Screen
  3. Aeration tank
  4. Settlement tank
  5. Air Blower/Aerators
  6. Chlorine contact tank
  7. Chlorination dosing system
  8. Filter feed/backwash pumps
  9. Sand filters
  10. Carbon filters


 The effluent quality of Tech Universal packaged STP plants are:


  After Secondary Treatment After Sand Filter After Carbon Filter
BOD (mg/lit) 20 10 5
SS (mg/lit) 30 10 5


Tech Universal packaged STP tanks are designed and built using tanks made out of:

  • Concrete Tanks
  • Glass lined Steel (GLS) Tanks
  • Carbon Steel (CS) Tanks
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) Tanks


In order to have cost effective treatment design and to provide flexibility to meet client's requirement and satisfaction.

For the aeration system, Tech Universal uses a diversify design and supply from air blowers and diffusers to surface and submerged aerators.

For more information on detailed equipment specifications, please contact your nearest Tech Universal offices where our engineers are ready to help and serve you.

Detailed specifications of equipment can be provided upon your request.

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